Our factory renders laser metal cutting services:   

  • Regular carbon steel- 0.5 to 4 mm thickness  
  • Stainless steel  - up to 3 mm thickness

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Laser cutting of metals and other sheet materials 

Laser cutting of metal gradually replaces other types of materials cutting, especially when it comes to giving complex shapes and intricate configurations to the templates. Due to focused laser radiation it is possible to cut not only metals and metal alloys, but also other sheet materials along any contour, regardless of their thermophysical characteristics.

Process of laser cutting

Laser cutting (internationally known as LBC, that is Laser Beam Cutting) is a process of exposing the material to heating in the cutting zone and consequent deliberate separation along a given contour with the laser beam.

Since the laser beam is monochromatic, i.e. has a constant wavelength and frequency, it can focus clearly on the surface even if it has a very small area. This creates a high-density energy and the material can be cut in a preset configuration.

High quality of cutting is also due to the coherence of the laser, that is, the coherence and mutual resonance of many wave processes that occur in one beam. Due to this property, the total power of radiation is increased multiple times.

Laser cutting can be performed by means of metal evaporation or melting. The former technology requires high-power equipment the use of which is associated with high energy costs, which is not in all cases economically viable. In addition, the evaporation method is suitable only for the manufacture of  thin-walled products.

The melting method is distinguished by much higher cost-efficiency and effectiveness and in turn involves several different approaches. In any case, the essence of this method comes down to the fact that in the metal in slit zone quickly melts and the molten material is removed by a jet of inert gas, which, in addition, can prevent oxidation of the edges. This method allows to:

  • reduce energy costs;
  • increase the speed of operation;
  • ensure high-precision cutting of metal of considerable thickness.

This laser cutting technology allows to quickly process both steel sheets and alloys.  

Achieving the desired result in this case depends on taking the following factors into account:

  • laser specifications;
  • preset processing modes;
  • template configuration;
  • properties of the processed material (absorbing and reflecting capacity, heat conductivity, etc.);
  • machine parameters.
  • Experienced specialists of our company quickly carry out the required settings based on the objectives and features of a particular order.

What are the advantages of laser cutting?

High cutting speed, ultimate precision, high quality and reasonable price - that's what you can count on when ordering the production of complex parts from sheet materials in our company.

While comparing laser cutting to other methods of material cutting the following advantages come to light.

1.The material is not exposed to mechanical impact which means that laser cutting allows you to work with fragile, easily deformable parts.

2. Laser cutting eliminates such traditional methods as, for example, casting and stamping, while saving expensive material.

3. Laser cutting makes it possible to produce unique details and spare parts with specified parameters.

4.Due to the computerized equipment control system an outline of any complexity can be processed very quickly. To get a product of the required configuration, you just have to upload the drawing made with the help of special software. The rest of the tasks will be successfully solved in automatic mode.

5.The tolerances during laser cutting are reduced to a minimum: up to 0.1 mm.

Thus, laser cutting ensures significant reduction of the production cost which is achieved through productivity, high speed and accuracy of the process itself, minimization of waste, absence of need for subsequent mechanical processing.

Our unique offer

We have sufficient production capacity to carry out the entire range of works: from shaping, bending, cutting, manufacturing of individual parts to the finished product manufacture.

Modern intelligent equipment makes it possible to implement any engineering plan, turning a drawing into a finished product in the shortest time possible. Use of universal manufacturing devices for laser cutting makes it possible to solve tasks of high complexity.

Established quality control system is a guarantee that all products received by our customers meet the most stringent standards. Contact us and we will fulfill an order of any volume in a given time and at an optimal cost. If prior consultation is needed, please contact our manager and ask your questions.