Almazselmash is the sole Russian manufacturer of the screenless aerodynamic grain separators of the Almaz make. In the course of successful operating in the agricultural equipment market, the company was able to enter the world market and protect its unique development Our Patents not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in the EU countries, as well as in North and South Americas.   We produce the agricultural equipment which allows to increase the yield by 35%.   

Innovative Engineering 

The Almaz grain cleaning equipment which was first demonstrated in 2001 has since become an alternative to the range of conventional cleaning and grading systems –i.e. traditionally used screens and pneumatic grading screens, separating systems and vibration tables- for grain, and for all other loose materials.  

The Almaz separating machines can be used in agriculture and in other industries, including pharmacy, as well as in civil engineering. After the state acceptance tests, the equipment has been successfully certified in Russia and Ukraine. Our company has successfully implemented a quality management system in accordance with DSTU ISO 9001:2009.  

The new-generation separating machines of Almaz make are sold both directly and through a dealer  network covering, among other areas, the former USSR countries and distant foreign countries. Today, to order Almaz grain cleaning machines, you just have to contact a dealer in your region.

Our pricing policy and advantages

We strive to keep our prices stable by optimizing production processes, introducing the latest cost-effective technologies and reducing costs. Our specialists are constantly working on improving the technical level of machines which allowed the plant to take a leading position in the market of grain cleaning equipment.

Let us introduce to you several advantages of our company:   

  1. Development incentives for the agricultural manufacturers. The equipment we offer meets the requirements of the prospective agro-industrial complex programs of the Russian Federation.   
  2. Focus on efficient use of resources. Resource-saving technologies and principles are being implemented in each machine that leaves our assembly line. By implementing our grain processing equipment, an agricultural enterprise is able to significantly save on process costs.
  3. Increased marketability of goods produced by the manufacturers capitalizing on our developments.  When preparing your own seed with the help of Almaz separators the yield  increases by more than 30%. 
  4. In-house production facilities ensuring high delivery volume of the modern grain cleaning machines
  5. Quality and reliability of the machines controlled at every stage of manufacture.   
  6. Shor cost recovery period of the Almaz machines is confirmed by the experience of operation thereof by our partners.   
  7. Vast sales territory. There are more than four thousand enterprises from Russia, former USSR and foreign counties.    

Thanks to these and other advantages, the company was able to earn the strong trust of customers, dealers and partners. Each innovative grain cleaning machine of the Almaz make leaving our assembly line receive a certificate of conformity and quality warranty.