In order to raise maximum effective investment for agriculture by means of incentives to introduce  innovative aerodynamic grain cleaning machines of Almaz make throughout Russia, as well as in foreign countries, the manufacturer Almazselmash has decided to expand its sales network in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.

We invite promising dealers interested in selling progressive agricultural equipment to cooperate with us!

Do you have an existing business in technical equipment of agricultural production? With our help you will make it more successful. Are you choosing a new direction of your activity? We will help you to create a promising business, which is based on new, popular technologies in the agricultural sector. The Almaz separators are a new generation of machinery which has received high commendation from world-class experts. We offer a very profitable cooperation in implementation of this technology.


Why is an agricultural business bound for success with us?  Find the seven key advantages below:

  1. You will receive a comprehensive information support and a full set of required promotion materials.   

We have elaborated and tested marketing materials for efficiency to help you boost the sales. We will provide each official dealer with a full set of working solutions and thoroughly designed strategies for a rapid promotion of grain cleaning machines. You will definitely be provided with:

- all accompanying documentation;

- selling offer for potential buyers

- set of business cards for distribution during different events;

- a line of business cards for personal contact with customers;

- high-quality catalogs of our equipment with a high level of printing;

- a set of warranty coupons for products;

- letterheads, properly drawn invoices and so on.

In addition, each official dealer receives a set of special branded accessories to improve enterprise culture and increase confidence in the company. Among those, there are:

- official dealer's corporate flag and a set of table flags;

- special branded clothing;

- stickers, booklets, notebooks for  meetings;

- special pens for signing contracts;

- original corporate gifts.

Promotion and growth of sales will certainly be facilitated by discs with presentation of new generation grain cleaning machines, which can be demonstrated on DVD devices or laptops. In addition to information about the separators themselves, the video contains excellent feedback, as well as professional recommendations from representatives of agricultural enterprises, who have already managed to try out the full range of unique features of the grain cleaning machine "Diamond".

Dear partners, your contact information will be put on each of the branded accessories. You will be able to use them immediately in your work!

  1. We will give a high-quality advertising support  качественную рекламную поддержку

At the first stages, each partner receives fully prepared models of advertising blocks for placement in newspapers. You will also receive high-quality selling tests of ads for popular regional mass media, as well as press releases, which set out the maximum necessary information about the features and real advantages of the Almaz separators.

We have a special offer for the most successful partners. With a systematic increase in turnover and sales growth we share the budget of further advertising companies, and in special cases we can even double it!

  1. We will supply the dealer company with everything necessary for participation in regional agricultural exhibitions.   

We will provide effective assistance in correct design of exhibition stands, and we can also share important secrets of successful sales. During the consultation before the exhibition you will learn:

  • how to make a successful presentation, and what to focus on potential buyers of innovative Almaz agricultural machinery;
  • how to convince customers to start implementing innovations in their farms;
  • how to demonstrate the advantages of the Almaz grain separator.

Moreover, we will present the model of a real grain cleaning machine designed for an easy demonstration of the aerodynamic grain cleaning possibilities directly at the exhibition.

  1. We will help to arrange and hold regional conferences for agricultural manufacturers and farmers.

A conference is an effective event during which the agronomists, farmers and interested representatives of agricultural enterprises have the opportunity to clearly see that the new aerodynamic method of grain cleaning and calibration is really effective.

During the conference potential buyers of equipment are shown all the features of the Almaz separator   which allows to make sure how economical and convenient they are in operation. This enables agricultural manufacturers to assess the economic benefits associated with the use of new-generation equipment at once.

At the same time, the conference participants successfully stimulate each other to purchase grain cleaning machines. Experience shows that in many cases the first ones who want to buy equipment appear immediately after the first batch of grain has been processed. Other participants also take an active position by initiating negotiations, specifying the cost and terms of equipment delivery.

  1. We will help to arrange and pull through the separator operation demonstration in the field.

Demonstration of the cleaning machine directly on site of its further operation is very attractive for the customers, and we can show all the advantages of the aerodynamic separator without further talk.

If there are no farms in your region that already use the Almaz technology to show its capabilities, we will arrange an on-site visit of a grain cleaning complex borne on the GAZelle vehicle.

  1. We guarantee favorable terms for our dealers which will allow to conduct a successful business.

What does becoming our official dealer mean? It means obtaining a guaranteed support and having an opportunity to supply new-generation agricultural equipment at a significant discount from the sole Russian manufacturer of aerodynamic separators. Thus, you can easily develop a profitable and very promising business.

  1. Your business will obtain technical and marketing support and after-sales support, and all units sold will have a high-quality warranty service

Your customers will be satisfied and your company's reputation will be significantly strengthened. We have more than three thousand sales and successful implementations of the Almaz grain cleaning equipment, with the largest number of recommended sales.

We support each transaction with great attention, helping our partners to meet all the wishes and requirements of the client. Shall a need arise there will be a technical specialist and an experienced agronomist ready to travel in order to help your customers with the implementation of the Almaz separators.

We keep well-equipped production facilities and an extensive warehouse stock of all necessary components at your disposal, which allows us to promptly provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment.

Over the years of operation, we have seen for sure that the Almaz grain cleaning machines are subject to the “folk” marketing effect of "word of mouth", information about the efficiency and effectiveness of the separator is quickly transmitted from lip to lip. If you watch the video reviews of our customers you will be able to notice that all of them recommend buying the Almaz grain cleaning and grading machine, and indicate0 an increase in yield of more than 35%.

Have you decided to develop a successful business and become a dealer of innovative agricultural machinery in your region? To get the first profit as soon as possible, apply for becoming a dealer right now!