Yield increase  

The ALMAZ machine allows you to prepare a full-fledged high quality seed material of any crop from small seeds (alfalfa, poppy, rape, grass seeds) to corn, soybeans and peas quickly and inexpensively due to the selection of seeds in the air flow by the specific weight, surface roughness and geometry of the initial material, due to which you get:

- increase in field germination of seeds from 76-85% to 98%.

- increase in seed weight ( increase in weight of 1000 seeds by 20-25%).

- absence of micro-damage in seeds

- complete absence of weed and grain impurities in the seed material. 

All these factors will allow you to:

- Reduce sowing rates (30% saving on seed)

- Achieve uniformity of seedlings (simultaneous ripening means lossless cleaning)

-Save money on herbicides and extend engine life, cut down fuel and lubricants consumption, and  wages;

-Increase the yield up to 35% 



The effect of using the ALMAZ grain cleaning machine can be seen on the example from the real life:  

Take a farmer from Rostov Region who has 1000 hectares of land.

The farm aims to reduce production costs and increase profitability.

After the audit, it turns out that one of the main expense items is seeds (purchase, storage and costs for sowing, etc.). The average sowing rate is 220 kg of seeds per 1 ha.

It was decided to experiment and to prepare seeds from our own material tested in the own field.

After the harvest, one portion of seeds was treated by a grading screen and cellular drum machine with double aspiration and the other portion on the seeds was treated by the ALMAZ cleaning machine.

Results: laboratory germination rate after the grading screen machine was 95%, and 96% the Almaz machine.

We tested germination capacity in the field and obtained the following results:

Field germination capacity after the grading screen machine was maximum 74%. Field germination maximum after seed preparation with ALMAZ separator was 95%.

Thus, out of  220 kg of seeds processed by the grading screen machine 163 kg will germinate, after the preparation of seed material in the ALMAZ grain cleaning machine, 209 kg will germinate

So we see the first factor of cost reduction: due to increasing germination of seed material, the reduction of sowing rate, and as a result, reducing the cost of storage, dressing, sowing costs can be achieved.

Then let us make a simple mathematical calculation:

Seeds that have not germinated (57 kg / ha) shall be the lost harvest and as a consequence, the lost profits of the company.

The average yield of wheat in Rostov Region is 35 metric center/ha. At a rate of 220 kg / ha, we get 3500 kg of wheat, i.e. 16 kg yield per 1 kg of seed material.

Lost harvest: 57 kg of seed material (which has not germinated) * 16 kg = 912 kg per 1 ha!

Thus, on 1000 hectares, our farmer loses 1000 ha * 912 kg * 10 rubles = 9120000.00 rubles!!! at the sowing rate of 220 kg and while using the grading screen machine!