Are you looking for a reliable, efficient, multi-purpose, versatile cleaning machine for agricultural crops?   

Screenless aerodynamic Almaz machine will help you obtain a high-quality seed material and food-grade grain, and achieve the yield increase by 30-35 %.  

The Almaz machine embodies a new method of separation based on the principles of jet technology and partially on the laws of aerodynamics, which allows you to separate the initial material by specific weight with high precision. 

Functions performed by the machines comprising the single technological line of 3 to 4 units of both domestic and foreign manufacture can be performed by one Almaz machine.  The machine is capable of purifying and separating seeds by specific weight into independent fractions in one running. Heavy impurities (stones, sclerotia) fall under the first fraction, the second and the third fractions include seeds with the largest specific weight, and the fourth and the fifth fractions include the seeds with the smallest specific weight.

The Almaz machine is distinguished by the following advantages:   

  • It doesn’t damage the seeds. The cleaning and separation process takes place in an air stream WITHOUT THE USE OF GRADING SCREENS.       
  • Low power consumption. The Almaz separating machines 2,2 to 37,25 kW, depending on the machine capacity;
  • Reliability and durability due to the simplicity of construction. Simplicity of construction, absence of complicated kinematic schemes and lubrication points determine reliability and durability of the Almaz machines;
  • High economy of operation. The Almaz machines do not require expensive periodic qualified maintenance, operating materials, there is no need to select and replace the grading screens for each crop, or in a thorough cleaning of the machine lasting for hours after processing of each crop;  
  • The machine is capable of processing products of any humidity and degree of contamination;

The Almaz machines have vast process capabilities. They can:   


  • Separate wheat and barley mixture (up to 60% in one running);
  • Separate the 3rd and 4th grade grain (if present) from the 5th grade;
  • Separate the peas damaged by the pea weevil;
  • Separate rotten corn seeds from the healthy (dry) seeds;
  • Separate the seeds damaged by  corn bug and weevil;   
  • Process both small-seed crops (alfalfa, poppy, rape) and oat, barley, wheat, corn, pea, soy, and other crops, as well as loose materials. 
  • Clean the wheat grain from oat grass and oat seeds;
  • Simultaneously separate and slightly dry the corn in the air flow (by up to 20% in one running);  
  • Detect the most viable seeds (of the highest biological value) in the total bulk of material; 
  • Increase the grade of the grain bulk (by separating fodder fraction and curing it up to food grade);   
  • Be used as screening machines at the cereal factories by grading the cereal into fractions as per sizes, and blowing away the bran thus giving the cereal a more marketable appearance.