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LLC "Almazselmash"


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Advantages of the ALMAZ self-propelled grain cleaning machine:

- mobility of use on the farm (work in warehouses, hangars, current).

- simultaneous cleaning and preparation of seeds of any agricultural crops

- the grain gun makes it possible to both load the cleaned material into a truck and throw it into a pile

- work in a warehouse under any temperature conditions, any humidity and contamination of the source material

Self-propelled grain cleaning machine ALMAZ is a worthy replacement for the stationary complex ZAV in your warehouse!

- material loading with built-in scraper loader

- primary purification of the source material (removal of dust and small impurities);

- secondary (seed) cleaning (bringing the source material to the highest standards of seed material, removing hard-to-separate impurities)

- unloading, rolling (self-propelled machine ALMAZ is equipped with a grain thrower and augers).

The principle of operation of the self-propelled grain cleaning machine ALMAZ:

The material is taken from the pile by a pick-up, 5 meters wide. The initial material enters the feed hopper of the ALMAZ machine, then the material is separated by specific gravity by fractions. The amount of fractions used depends on the purpose of cleaning - obtaining marketable grain, or preparing seed material. When cleaning the source material in the mode of preparation of commercial grain, unloading from the fraction is carried out with a grain thrower, which allows you to unload the cleaned material into the body of any truck, pile. The fodder fraction (business waste) is diverted to the side by an auger loader (completed at the request of the customer), or it is diverted by a gravity pipe to the side and formed into a pile by auxiliary workers. Light particles such as dust, straw, chaff are caught in the cyclone.

The movement of the machine is provided by a geared motor with the ability to reverse the course, which allows movement both forward and backward. The speed control of the separator is carried out using a frequency converter, which makes it possible for the separator to move at both low (working) and high (transport) speeds. The front wheel bearings of the machine are swivel, which provides good maneuverability.

Served by one operator and one or two auxiliary workers.


Consumo de electricidad kW/h:22-24
Productividad en la preparación de grano comercial t/h:20
Capacidad de preparación de semillas, t/h:10
Longitud mm:6800
Ancho mm:5300
Altura mm:3750
Kg de peso:2000