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This grain separator is suitable for the owners of small farms who want to implement the technology of aerodynamic cleaning and grading of grain and achieve a significant increase in yield. To reach a fundamentally new level of seed preparation and processing of agricultural products it is enough to buy a grain separator from our company which is a leader in its field. 

Versatility and Economy

Sorting of grain with simultaneous selection of the most biologically valuable seeds will no longer be a difficult task  if you use the Almaz MS-4/2 grain cleaning machine. One running is enough to carry out all kinds of purification of grain heap, and at the same time to select grain that has the maximum energy for germination.

With this, the grain remains alive and intact, without any damage which occurs typically when the grain hits metal parts. Since the technology involves no screens, this innovative compact separator does not damage the grain and thus preserves everything it needs for perfect germination. This results in a large ripe crop yield that can be harvested at the same time at no extra cost. Low power consumption also contributes to the economic effect.

Optimal price

You have the opportunity to buy the separator for grain cleaning directly from the manufacturer which, in addition, is continuously working to optimize its own costs, which allows the manufacturer to keep the price of this unique grain cleaning machine at an acceptable level.

Besides, Almaz MS-4/2 does not require complicated maintenance and laborious cleaning after processing of each type of crops. To buy this versatile, easy to use aerodynamic grain separator, contact us in the manner that suits you best.


Electricity consumption kW/h:2,20
Productivity in the preparation of commercial grain t/h:4
Seed preparation capacity, t/h:2
Length mm:1610
Width mm:600
Height mm:1650
Weight kg:150